Setting Payroll and Employee Preferences

If you use QuickBooks to produce your payroll, there are settings you can configure, the most obvious of which is turning on your access to the payroll features. On the payroll preferences screen you can also indicate printing options and reporting options, and you can create some default settings for your employees.

Set Up Payroll Preferences

Select Preferences from the Edit menu.

Click the Payroll & Employees icon.

Click the Company Preferences tab.

Click the Full Payroll option if you use QuickBooks to calculate or issue paychecks.

Click No Payroll if you don't have a payroll or you use an outside service.

Click Complete Payroll Customers to use the completely outsourced payroll option provided by QuickBooks.

You can select Hide Pay Rate on Select Employees To Pay Window to limit who can see the payroll numbers in your QuickBooks file.

Check these boxes to have QuickBooks carry forward information from prior paychecks relating to amounts based on quantities.

Check this box to report payroll taxes by customer job, class, or type of service.

Choose a sort option for the Employee List.

Check Mark New Employees As Sales Reps to instruct QuickBooks to add all new employees to your sales rep list.

Check this box to have employee Social Security numbers to appear in report headers.

Check this box to have the option of printing separate pages for each employee when you choose to display your employee list.

Did You Know?

You can carry forward employee quantity information. The quantity carry forward feature is useful for situations in which an employee's pay is based on the number of hours worked in each pay period and an employee typically works the same number of hours in each pay period.

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