Backing Up and Condensing Timer Data

To facilitate faster transport and to diminish transmission problems, the QuickBooks Timer enables you to condense and back up your data in one step. When you condense timer data, the timer program automatically creates a backup of your file as well. After you've condensed a QuickBooks Timer file, the data takes up less room on your floppy disk, Zip disk, or whatever storage media you choose.

Back Up Timer Data Without Condensing

With the timer open, select File, Back Up Timer File from the menu.

Enter a filename for the backup file. The file will be given a .bdb extension.

Confirm or, if you want, change the location where this file will be backed up.

Click Save.

Back Up and Condense Timer Data

With the timer open, select File, Condense Timer File from the menu.

Click Yes.

The name of the backup file is selected for you. It is the same name as your timer file but with a .bdb extension. Click OK.

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