Billing Time from the Timer to the Customer

When you enter time that is allocated to a customer or job in the timer, the information carries over directly to that customer when the time is imported into QuickBooks. See how to apply that time to a customer invoice.

Import time from the timer, as shown in the task "Sending Timer Data to QuickBooks."

In QuickBooks, select Customer, Create Invoices.


You can also press Ctrl+I to quickly open an invoice.

Enter the customer name and job on the invoice.

If time has been billed to this customer, a Billable Time/Costs window appears. Click OK to close this window.

Click the Time/Costs button.

Click the Time tab.

Click to check each item you want to include on this invoice, or click Select All to choose all items.

Check the Print Selected Time and Costs as One Invoice Item box if you want all time to be displayed as one item on the invoice. The invoice description will read Time and materials.

Click OK.

Click one of the save buttons to save the invoice.

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