Viewing Timer Transactions

In your timer program, you can view all the timer activities, even the ones that have been exported. This task shows you how to view timer transactions.

With the timer open, select View, Time Activity Log from the menu.

Enter the date or date range for which you want to view timer activity.

Note whether activities have been exported yet.

Double-click any activity to open the activity and edit it (see the next task for an example of editing a timed activity).

Click any activity once; then click the Contact Info button to view detailed contact information about the customer or client.

Did You Know?

Customer contact information might not be available. Only the contact information that was exported from QuickBooks to the timer appears here. If the contact information was never entered in QuickBooks, it doesn't appear in the timer.

Limit the number of timed activities that are exported to QuickBooks by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking to select certain activities in the log.

Click Export to export all selected activities.

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