Transferring Data from Older Versions of QuickBooks

If you've used an older version of QuickBooks and want to transfer your old QuickBooks company data to the latest version of QuickBooks, you'll find the process is quick and simple. But beware! After you transfer a company file forward to a newer version of QuickBooks, you can never reopen that company file in an older version of QuickBooks. So, in a multiuser environment, make sure all computers are upgraded to the new version of QuickBooks before you open your company file on one of the upgraded computers.

Transfer Data from Older Version of QuickBooks

From the opening screen in the new version of QuickBooks, click the name of your company file.

Click Open.

Type the word Yes to confirm that you want to open this file in the new version of QuickBooks.

Click OK. You will be required to follow additional onscreen instructions to complete the update. In particular, you are required to complete a backup of your company file.

See Also

See "Backing Up Your QuickBooks Company File" in Chapter 13, "Security," for information on making backup copies of your data.

Did You Know?

Back Up Your Company File! Before transferring your company file to the newest version of QuickBooks, you are required to make a backup copy of the file. Should there be a problem with the transfer or should there be any other reason why you would want to open the company file in the older version of QuickBooks, you will be able to do so. It's wise to save your backup file to a CD or some other external media for extra protection in case there is ever a problem on your computer.

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