Transferring Data from Quicken

Quicken and QuickBooks are both products of Intuit Corporation, and the programs are compatible with one another. If you've been keeping track of your business accounting records in Quicken, you don't have to start from scratch when you begin using QuickBooks. You can transfer your Quicken records right into your QuickBooks program.

Prepare Your Quicken Data for the Transfer


You cannot use your QuickBooks company file in Quicken. If you think you'll want to reopen your company data in Quicken, make a copy of your Quicken file to use in the transfer to QuickBooks and leave your original Quicken file intact.

Open the Accounts list in Quicken by pressing Ctrl+A.

Delete any accounts you don't want to transfer to QuickBooks. To delete an account, right-click the account name and select Delete; then type yes when asked to confirm the deletion.

Record any overdue scheduled transactions in Quicken. Press Ctrl+J in Quicken to open the Scheduled Transaction List. For any transaction you want to record, click the Enter button that appears to the right of the transactions.

Skip any overdue scheduled transactions that you don't want to record by clicking the Skip button.

Close Quicken.

Perform the Conversion from Quicken to QuickBooks

In QuickBooks, select File, Utilities, Convert, From Quicken from the menu.


If you are setting up your company in QuickBooks for the first time, you can convert data from Quicken or Peachtree as part of the EasyStep Interview process. On the introductory screen of the EasyStep Interview, there is a Convert button. Click the button, then choose Quicken or Peachtree, and follow the onscreen instructions for converting your data.

Click Convert.

Click the name of the Quicken file to be converted. Unless you have changed the default filename in Quicken, this file is named Qdata.qdf.

Click Open.

Did You Know?

These instructions apply only to certain versions of Quicken. The instructions for converting data from Quicken to QuickBooks apply to Quicken for Windows 98 through the latest version of Quicken. For conversion from previous versions of Quicken, refer to your QuickBooks manual.

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