Setting Up QuickBooks in a Multiuser Office

You must have QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Premier if you plan to use QuickBooks in a multiuser environment where more than one person can access the company file at once. A maximum of five users can access the QuickBooks company file simultaneously; however, there is no limit to the number of users who can access the company file at different times. Each workstation must have a licensed copy of QuickBooks installed, and have access to the server where the company file is stored. Another alternative for a multiuser office is QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, which allows up to 10 simultaneous users.

Set Up QuickBooks in a Multiuser Office

Following the steps in the Installing QuickBooks task shown previously in this chapter, install QuickBooks on each computer that will access the company file.


The company file is stored on only one computer. All computers that are to have access to the company file need to be networked in such a way that they have read/write access to the computer or file server on which your QuickBooks company file resides.

When asked, enter the license number and product number for each computer.

Did You Know?

The license number might not be unique. If you purchased a multiuser five-pack of QuickBooks, each of the five users has the same license number. If you purchased separate QuickBooks programs for each user, the license number is unique for each user.

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