Registering QuickBooks

Registration of QuickBooks gives you access to QuickBooks technical support as well as online features of the program. In addition, when you register your program, you are signed up to receive information about product upgrades. As an added benefit, after you register your program, you no longer see the annoying pop-up window reminding you to register. You are allowed to use QuickBooks 15 times without registering; then you are required to register to continue using the program.

Register QuickBooks

Click the Begin Registration button in the registration reminder window, or select Help, Register QuickBooks from the program menu.

Enter the requested information about your company.

Click Next or Continue (depending on the registration screen you see).

Click Finish Registration when you have entered all the requested information.


Registration screen doesn't appear, or Register QuickBooks doesn't appear on the Help menu. Some registration is automatic. If you've registered a version of QuickBooks previously on your computer, you might not be asked to register your program. If an option to register QuickBooks does not appear on your Help menu, the program is already registered. With your QuickBooks program open, you can see your license number and product number by pressing Ctrl+1.

Did You Know?

Telephone registration is also available. If you don't have Internet access or you prefer to register by phone, you can use the telephone number that appears on the screen to complete the registration.

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