Exporting Information to the Timer

The timer uses information from your QuickBooks file to enable your employees and contractors to charge time to customers and jobs. Employee names; descriptions of payroll items such as salary, hourly, overtime, and so on (not amounts, just the names of these items); names of customers and related jobs; and classes (if applicable) all are fed into the timer. Then an employee or a contractor simply uses the timer like a stop watch to record time spent on a project. The total time for the project can also be entered directly into the timer. This information must be exported to the timer before your employees or contractors can start using the timer.

Open QuickBooks and select Timer from the File menu; then select Utilities, Export, Timer Lists.

You see a graphic illustration of how the timer works. Click OK.

Enter a filename for the timer file, preserving the .IIF file extension QuickBooks supplies.


You need to provide this file to others. Remember the folder where this file is saved because you will need to copy this file for any employees or contractors who are using the timer on another computer. Keep in mind that, in addition to those who use desktop models, employees and contractors using laptop computers can also take advantage of the timer feature.

Click Save.

Click OK.

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