Keeping Track of Time

Why do we need to keep track of time? Why can't we just go to work, do our jobs, come home at the end of the workday, and be done with it?

There are several reasons for time tracking. This list explains some of the reasons we need to keep track of the amount of time spent at work and what is done with that time:

  • When companies know how long it takes to do a particular job, they can determine when a job will be completed.

  • Companies compare the length of time different workers take to complete the same work to determine how to place workers in positions where they will be most useful and efficient.

  • If a company pays or charges by the hour for services, the company needs to know how much time is spent on a job to assess the cost of the job.

  • Non-salaried workers who are paid by the hour must keep track of time so that they can be paid.

  • Knowing the amount of time a job has taken in the past helps a company estimate the amount of time a similar job will take in the future.

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