Getting Your Employees Up to Speed with the Timer

After your employees install the timer, you can help them get started with using the timer by explaining how the timer works and how you expect them to use this program. Specifically, these points should be discussed:

  • Remember that you are providing your employees with data from the QuickBooks Customer & Jobs list that they need to import before they can start time tracking. Point out that this data is in the form of an .iif file, and direct them to install it in the same directory (or folder) as the QuickBooks Timer. The default timer folder is C:\QBTIMER.

  • Discuss any sensitive issues about security and the privacy of the information in the Customer & Jobs list.

  • Tell employees that they have to name and create a QuickBooks Timer file.

  • After the timer file is created, employees must import the .iif file. Then they can begin recording timed activities.

  • Acquaint employees with the drop-down menu system of selecting their own name, customer, job, and services before actually clicking the Start button to begin time tracking.

  • Provide your employees with a brief training session on recording time and transferring that time back to the QuickBooks program.

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