Installing the Timer

Install the timer so you can begin using the time tracking features of QuickBooks. When you install the timer, you can track time on your computer and use the timer to bill time to clients and record time for payroll purposes. You can also install the timer on computers that aren't running QuickBooks. The timer program is found on the QuickBooks program disk, or you can copy the timer program files from one computer to another. You won't need any password or registration number to install the timer program on any computer.

Click Start on the task bar, and then select Run.

Click the Browse button.

Change the Look in location to your CD-ROM drive or to the folder on your computer where the QuickBooks Timer folder resides.

Double-click the QBTimer folder.

Click Setup.

Click Open.


You can also double-click on the filename Setup to open the file.

Click OK.

Follow the onscreen installation instructions, accepting the default choices for file locations and options and clicking Next to continue through the installation process.

For future reference, make a note of the name of the folder into which the timer is installed.

Did You Know?

You can install the timer repeatedly. There is no limit to the number of computers on which you can install the QuickBooks timer.

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