Printing Checks

When you write checks in QuickBooks, you indicate whether you want to print the check immediately (by selecting the Print option at the top of the window), print it at some future date (by checking the To Be Printed box), or not print it at all (by saving and closing). When you choose to print checks later, you can choose to print an entire batch of outstanding checks, or you can pick the ones you want to print and save the others until later.

Select File, Print Forms, Checks.

Verify the bank account.

Verify the first check number for this batch of checks.

Check off all checks that are to be printed.


Place the check forms in printer. Before continuing, be sure to place your actual check forms in the printer.

Click OK.

Verify the printer settings.

Select the check style that matches your actual checks.

Indicate whether you want your company name, address, and logo printed on the checks.

Click Print to send the checks to the printer.

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