Writing Checks

When you pay a bill in QuickBooks, the program issues a check for that payment. Whether you actually print checks using your QuickBooks program, or simply enter payments you've made into the program, you need to familiarize yourself with the QuickBooks check-writing feature. You might write checks for obligations that don't have accompanying bills, such as your rent. If you write hand-written checks, they need to be entered into QuickBooks. The best way to enter these payments into your QuickBooks program is through the Write Checks feature.

Select Banking, Write Checks.


Press Ctrl+W or click the Write Check icon on the Home page to open the Write Checks window.

Verify the account on which this check will be written.

Enter the payee's name.


Respond to all warnings. A warning might appear when you enter a payee. The type of warning depends on the circumstances. For example, you might be told you have outstanding bills from this vendor. Read the warning, decide how you will respond, and then click OK to clear the warning from your screen.

Enter the check amount.

Verify the date and check number, if applicable.

Enter the account to which this check should be charged, the amount, and an optional memo.

If you are purchasing inventory, click the Items tab. Enter the items, the quantity, and the cost.

Indicate whether this is to be an online payment.

See Also

See "Making Online Payments" on page 271 for information on making payments over the Internet.

Check the box if this check is to be placed in the print queue.

Record the check by selecting a save option.

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