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After you've assembled your clips, added transitions, added sound effects, created titles and end credits, and produced your movie, it's time to get that movie in front of other people! Movie Maker makes it simple to share your movie with others.

Movie Maker provides a variety of options to get your movie into your friends ' hands. Here are the primary ways you can do just that:

  • Save the movie to your computer ” You can save your final movie to your own computer. Doing so ensures that you can watch the movie at any time. Also, you then can copy the movie file to a CD or use DVD-burning software to put the movie on DVD media. In addition, if you work on a network, others on your network can see the movie as long as you give them access to the disk and folder where the movie resides. Perhaps you're waiting to buy a new DVD burner. You can finalize your movie now, save the movie to your own computer, and then save the movie when the DVD burner arrives.



    Today's blank DVD media is fairly inexpensive, so if you produce a DVD movie and want to make edits (using the movie's project file), you have not wasted a lot of money if you discard the first DVD you make. Watch for rebates around the holidays, because many computer and electronic stores offer large rebates on blank CDs and DVDs to lure you into the store to buy other items.

  • Save the movie to a CD ” Movie Maker uses Windows XP's integrated support for burning CDs to copy movies directly to CDs.

  • Send the movie in an email message ” Save your movie as an email attachment and send the email to friends and family.

  • Send the movie to the Web ” After you sign up with a video hosting provider ( see 89 Select a Video Hosting Provider ), you'll have a place on the Internet to send your movie for others to watch at their leisure.



    CDs hold only about 650 megabytes, so if your movie consumes more disk space than that, you must save it to a DVD or keep it on a hard disk for playback later. If you want to send your entire movie to a CD and the movie will not fit, you can select a lower movie quality so the saved movie consumes less space. Unfortunately, this means you probably cannot use the AVI format, except for short videos .

    Keep your movies under one megabyte, as many email systems limit the attachment size to that size . In addition, keep your movie file small using a low quality if the email recipient uses dial-up Internet access.

  • Send the movie to a DVD ” To store your Movie Maker movie to a DVD, you must first save your movie onto your hard disk, exit Movie Maker, start your DVD-burning software, and follow the DVD-burning program's instructions. You'll get a glimpse at simple DVD-burning software named MyDVD in task 92 About Putting Movies on DVD and the final chapter of this book demonstrates several programs such as Adobe's Premiere Pro ( see 110 About Editing Professionally with Adobe Premiere Pro ).

  • Send the movie to a DV camera ” If your digital video camera is connected to your computer (typically by a FireWire cable), you can save the movie to the tape in the camera for playback on a television you later connect to the DV camera.



As you'll see as you master DVD-burning programs such as Roxio's CD & DVD Creator ( see 108 Produce DVDs with CD & DVD Creator ), most DVD-burning software programs enable you to create a menu for scene selection. With such a menu, you can also add additional content to your movie, such as a bloopers video, that your audience can access by selecting the right menu choice.

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