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No matter where you want to send your final movie, the steps you take to save the movie are similar. Movie Maker's Save Movie Wizard walks you through the saving process.

When you select the target for your movie, such as a DV camera or a CD, the Save Movie Wizard changes somewhat to reflect your choice. For example, if you want to send your movie as an email, Movie Maker does not give you a quality choice. Instead, Movie Maker selects a low-resolution movie quality to keep the size of the movie attachment on the email as small as possible.



The sole purpose of this task is to familiarize you with the Save Movie Wizard. This wizard walks you through the process of saving your movie to one of the output destinations. The tasks that follow provide a more specific application of the Save Movie Wizard.

  1. Review Movie

    Click the Monitor pane's Play button to watch your movie. Make sure the movie is final and ready to be produced.

  2. Select File, Save Movie File

    If the movie is final, select Save Movie File from the File menu. You will be presented with several destinations for your movie.

  3. Select Movie Output

    Click to select the location where you want to place the movie. Your choice determines what Movie Maker prompts you for next .

  4. Click Next

    Click the Next button to enter a filename and location for your saved movie.



    The rest of the Save Movie Wizard varies depending on your output destination. For example, Movie Maker will ask for a filename and location if you send your movie to a file on your computer. If, instead, you elect to save your movie to a CD drive, Movie Maker automatically begins writing the movie to your CD ( assuming you have a blank recordable CD in your drive).

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Digital Video with Windows XP in a Snap
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