Stops motion of an object.



This command stops the movement of an object that was initiated by commands such as Turn , Follow , Move , SetAngle , and so on. The command does not stop the motion of an object that is being moved down using the gravity command.

Sample Code

The following code uses the stop command to stop a sphere from falling after it reaches y = “100.

 oworld = New World(); ocamera = New Camera(oworld); //Create sphere 100 around, and place it at (0,300,0). osphere = oworld.CreateSphere(100,100,100) osphere.SetPosition(0,300,0); ocamera.MoveBack(1200); osphere.SetPosition(0,-2000,0,5); //Loop While(TRUE)  {   If((osphere.gety) < -100)    {     Osphere.Stop();    }  } 

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