Sets the location of an object in the 3D world.

 object.SetPosition(x, y, z, speed) 



Refers to the rate at which the change in position will be made (in seconds)

x, y, z

The new position of the object in the 3D reference axes


Alternately, we could write the following:

 object.SetPosition(Other3DObject, speed) 

In this case, the position of our object becomes that of another object.

Sample Code

 oworld = New World(); ocamera = New Camera(oworld); // Create sphere 100 around, and place it at (0,300,0). osphere = oworld.CreateSphere(100,100,100) osphere.Set Position(0,300,0); ocamera.MoveBack(1200); osphere.set gravity(0.01); //Loop While(TRUE)  {   If((osphere.gety) < -100)    {     Osphere.SetPosition(0,300,0);    }  } 

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