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It's difficult to acknowledge everyone who was part of this book. But our thanks certainly go to the following:

Julie Snow for her tireless efforts at keeping us on time and on track, and for her exceptional technical writing expertise. Gary Rush and others in the Sun BluePrints ¢ program for allowing us to write and publish this book. Enis Konuk and Amanda Blake for understanding the importance of enterprise migration and approving the funding for this effort. Edward Wustenhoff and Mike Moore for developing Chapter 8 "Managing a Migrated Environment." Many thanks to those who offered their time and expertise to review and comment on drafts of the book, including Martyn Cope, James Fan, John S. Howard, Patrick Hudelot, Luiz Juk, Amjad Khan, Tim Mac, and Rob Mowat.

Acknowledgments from Ken Pepple: I would like to thank my Sun Professional Services' Asia Pacific practice colleagues, especially Niall Crawford, Laurence Sibley, KC Fung, Ivan Yue, Ken Buchanan, Jeff McIver, and Woon-Taek Park for their informal input during a few weeks of grueling training. I would also like to thank Gary Kelly and Andrew LeStrange for their insights during my frequent trips to Australia. All of these people have wittingly and unwittingly influenced the formation of the ideas and thoughts that have gone into this book.

I would like to thank my brother, Brian Pepple, for the benefit of his Linux expertise. Last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank Shelley and Zeke for supporting me through thick and thin, both home and away.

Acknowledgments from Brian Down: I'd like to thank Mike Habeck and Tom Pallmann for allowing me to work on the book this past several months. I'd also like to thank Dean Kemp who hired me and had the vision to start the migration center in Toronto some 10 years ago, as well as Brad Keates for his continued support. I'd particularly like to thank Jef Futch for his vision, energy, and guidance, and for giving me a chance. Additionally, I'd like to thank those on the migration team in Toronto who helped me develop the material for this book: Rob Mowat, James Foronda, Luiz Juk, Roy Kressin, and Julia Vladimirsky.

My biggest thanks go to my sweetie, Veronica Callinan, who put up with the demanding schedule and long hours and to my cat Ralph, who desperately wanted to contribute to this book, judging from the amount of time he spent walking on my laptop keyboard and sitting on the attached mouse.

Acknowledgments from Dave Levy: I'd like to thank Sue, Dan, and Ben for putting up with the all the long hours and extra work I brought home while working on this book. I'd also like to thank Steve Beckley and Richard Croucher for their support of my efforts, and Dave Parr for his support while undertaking the field work on which Chapter 11 is based.

Acknowledgments from Julie Snow: As a pilot for the Sun BluePrints residency program, this book was written and published more quickly than any book in the history of this endeavour. This accomplishment was a direct result of the tireless efforts of the following people: Our dedicated and talented authors ”Ken Pepple, Brian Down, and Dave Levy, all of whom exceeded my expectations; our committed and responsive reviewers, who provided invaluable feedback within days, instead of weeks; our extremely talented illustrator, Dany Galgani; our dedicated editors, Billie Markim and Sue Blumenberg; our supportive management team, Vicky Hardman and Barb Jugo; and our support at Prentice Hall, Greg Doench, Jane Bonnell, and MaryLou Nohr.

In addition, I'd like to thank my husband, Justin Snow. His ongoing support, patience, and humor have made the long days possible and the demanding workload bearable.

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Migrating to the Solaris Operating System
Migrating to the Solaris Operating System: The Discipline of UNIX-to-UNIX Migrations
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