Manage Phase Defined

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The manage phase of the SunTone methodology is about supporting systems and applications at runtime. These tasks are out of the scope of the book because migration is fundamentally an implementation exercise. The following management tasks are within the scope of this book and are addressed in the Chapter 8:

  • Assessing the current IT management infrastructure

  • Addressing the critical gaps

  • Extending the infrastructure to account for the migration

Obviously, the management stage starts when migrated code is placed into use. The management regime needs to be designed, or the current management environment needs to be confirmed as being appropriate for use after the migration goes live. This planning and design work should be undertaken during the architecture stage and should be prototyped, built, and tested during the implement stage.

Some issues to address during the manage phase are obvious, but if the proposed target environment is a workload consolidation solution, both a resource management solution, possibly involving Solaris Resource Manager and an applications object namespace solution need to be developed in order to distinguish between instances of the application or applications components .

It is critical to comprehensively define the management problem. This can be done with a service management methodology. The two major methodologies used by Sun are the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and SunTone. SunTone is Sun's service management methodology, which is heavily influenced by ITIL. The activities of systems managers have been defined by the United Kingdom (UK) Office of Government Commerce in the IT Infrastructure Libraries (ITIL). ITIL is broken down into service delivery and service support. Service delivery addresses these issues:

  • Service level management

  • Financial management

  • Capacity management

  • Availability management

  • IT service continuity management

Service support addresses the following areas:

  • Service desk

  • Incident management

  • Problem management

  • Change management

  • Release management

  • Configuration management

Other methodologies are available and are based on vendor or industry alignment.

The manage phase concerns the operation of processes within the management space. The processes and infrastructure to support management will need to be architected, designed, and implemented. Chapter 8 discusses the details of applying AIM to the manage phase. The architect and implement phases are best undertaken in accordance with a gap analysis methodology as follows : document the current solutions, design a new solution, and document the changes needed to achieve the required improvements. The subsequent chapters in the book illustrate how to do this in more detail. This process might involve leveraging the Solaris OS' implementation of the UNIX utilities, or the provision of third-party software.

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