Section 51. Exploring the Tools

#51. Exploring the Tools

In earlier versions of GoLive, what looked like a toolbox was really just the Objects palette, which allowed you to drag precoded objects onto your page. GoLive CS2 introduces a much welcomed, dedicated Tools palette (Figure 51).

Figure 51. The introduction of true tools (including Adobe standard tools) to the new Tools palette in GoLive CS2 is a welcome addition.

Shortcut Keys for Tools

As with other Creative Suite applications, GoLive CS2 includes shortcut keys to quickly select a tool. The Adobe standard tools use the same keys as other applications: Object Selection (V), Eyedropper (I), Hand (H), and Zoom (Z). The tools specific to GoLive have their own shortcut keys: Standard Editing (S), Layer (F), and Grid Text Box (Shift+F).

The Objects palette is now grouped with the tools but you can separate them if you'd like (see #5). Let's explore these new tools and see just how they're used.

Standard Editing tool: Perform common tasks such as moving and resizing objects and editing text. This is essentially the tool that was implied in earlier versions of GoLive.

Object Selection tool: Select and move any object except text, much like the Selection tool found in Illustrator and InDesign. Double-click a layer with this tool to switch to the Standard Editing tool and edit its contents, such as text.

Layer tool: Draw and position layers on a page as you would draw frames in InDesign. Hold down Command (Mac) or Control (Windows) as you drag on the edge of a layer to reposition it.

Grid Text Box tool: Draw and position text boxes on a layout grid. The Grid Text Box tool hides underneath the Layer tool.

Eyedropper tool: Sample a color from text or an object on a page and apply it elsewhere using this Adobe standard tool. Click and then drag to actively sample a color from anywhere on your screen.

Hand tool: Pan around your document quickly using this Adobe standard tool.

Zoom tool: Magnify a document up to 1600%. Drag a marquee around the area you want to focus on. Hold down Option/Alt and click to zoom out. Double-click the Zoom tool to revert to 100% view.

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