Chapter Six. Working with GoLive

I'm not ashamed to admit that I built many of my first Web sites back in the '90s using an earlier version of GoLive. Even then the application took the concept of page layout and successfully brought it over to visual Web page design. If you're new to Web design or just new to GoLive, you'll appreciate GoLive's approach to designing Web pages.

Given its ease of use and Adobe's trademark user interface, GoLive is likely the favorite Web page design application of most designers. One of the main aspects that makes GoLive so easy to learn and start working with is that it acts and behaves more like a page layout application and less like a Web coding tool. This isn't to say you can't use it to hand code if you're so inclined, but GoLive really shines when you're laying out a Web page like you would a page in InDesign.

With this latest release of GoLive, Adobe has added innovative features for visually designing Web pages with Cascading Stylesheets (CSS). It boasts tighter integration with the other applications in the suite and tools for designing pages for mobile devices. GoLive CS2 is packaged with the Premium version of the Creative Suite, making it available to a new set of Adobe users who might have once shied away from Web site design. So let's look at what this distinctive Web page design application can now do.

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