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how to do everything with html & xhtml
How to Do Everything with HTML & XHTML
by James H. Pence ISBN:0072231297
McGraw-Hill 2003 (377 pages)

This easy-to-follow guide will teach you how to build your Web site using HTML and XHTML basics, then takes you through adding images, using tables for data and layout, creating framesets, enhancing visuals with style sheets, embedding objects, and more.

Table of Contents
How to Do Everything with HTML & XHTML
Chapter- Introduction
Part I - HTML Basics—Everything You Need to Build a Web Site
Chapter 1- Get Your Feet Wet with HTML
Chapter 2- Work with Text and Lists
Chapter 3- Modify Text with Text Elements and CSS
Chapter 4- Introduce and Control Color
Chapter 5- All About Links
Chapter 6- Enhance Your Presentation with Graphics
Chapter 7- Enter the World of XHTML
Part II - Structuring Your Site
Chapter 8- Organize Data with Tables
Chapter 9- Create Framesets and Frames Pages
Chapter 10- Control Presentation with Style Sheets
Part III - Bells and Whistles to Adorn Your Site
Chapter 11- Add Multimedia and other Objects
Chapter 12- Make Your Pages Come Alive with Animation
Chapter 13- All About Image Maps
Chapter 14- Add Interactivity with Forms
Chapter 15- Improve Interactivity with JavaScript
Chapter 16- Understand the Future of XHTML
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Sidebars

How to Do Everything with HTML & XHTML
How to Do Everything with HTML & XHTML
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