Bonus Day 23. Creating Mobile Web Forms


Sams Teach Yourself ASP.NET in 21 Days, Second Edition
By Chris Payne
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Week 3.  At a Glance

Mobile devices are everywhere. These days, it seems everyone walking (or driving) down the street is using a cellular phone. Those who aren't are using personal digital assistants (PDAs) or pagers. There are numerous ways to stay connected to one another with wireless devices.

Also increasingly popular is the ability to access the Internet from these wireless devices. Cell phones are able to browse the Web; you can buy stocks through your Pocket PC; you can even check your e-mail from your PDA. These mobile devices allow you to connect to the World Wide Web in all the ways that traditional land lines allow.

It is only logical, then, that as Web developers, we start taking advantage of this new territory. ASP.NET provides (optionally) a mobile component that allows you to easily build applications for any of these devices, using familiar ASP. NET concepts, without much hard work or fuss. Today you'll focus on building ASP.NET pages for your mobile device and look at how the building process differs from building regular ASP.NET pages.

Today's lesson will cover the following:

  • What are mobile Web forms?

  • How to install the Mobile Web SDK

  • How mobile pages work, and how they differ from ASP.NET pages

  • How to develop mobile pages

  • How to learn about mobile device capabilities


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