Chapter 9. Graphics


    Recipe 9.1.  Creating Graphics Objects

    Recipe 9.2.  Drawing on Controls for Special Effects

    Recipe 9.3.  Letting the User Select a Color

    Recipe 9.4.  Working with Coordinate Systems (Pixels, Inches, Centimeters)

    Recipe 9.5.  Creating a Bitmap

    Recipe 9.6.  Setting a Background Color

    Recipe 9.7.  Drawing Lines, Ellipses, and Rectangles

    Recipe 9.8.  Drawing Lines One Pixel Wide Regardless of Scaling

    Recipe 9.9.  Forcing a Form or Control to Redraw

    Recipe 9.10.  Using Transparency

    Recipe 9.11.  Scaling with Transforms

    Recipe 9.12.  Using an Outline Path

    Recipe 9.13.  Using Gradients for Smooth Color Changes

    Recipe 9.14.  Drawing Bezier Splines

    Recipe 9.15.  Drawing Cardinal Splines

    Recipe 9.16.  Limiting Display Updates to Specific Regions

    Recipe 9.17.  Drawing Text

    Recipe 9.18.  Rotating Text to Any Angle

    Recipe 9.19.  Mirroring Text on the Canvas

    Recipe 9.20.  Getting the Height and Width of a Graphic String

    Recipe 9.21.  Drawing Text with Outlines and Drop Shadows

    Recipe 9.22.  Calculating a Nice Axis

    Recipe 9.23.  Drawing a Simple Chart

    Recipe 9.24.  Creating Odd-Shaped Forms and Controls

    Recipe 9.25.  Using the RGB, HSB (HSV), and HSL Color Schemes

    Recipe 9.26.  Creating a Rubber-Band Rectangular Selection

    Recipe 9.27.  Animating with Transparency

    Recipe 9.28.  Substitutions for Obsolete Visual Basic 6.0 Features

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