So we spent the whole chapter discussing some initial parts of the model, but with a fairly detailed discussion. As I see it, detailed model discussions are best done with code and TDD instead of UML sketches, and this chapter followed that idea.

I think it's a good idea to summarize where we are in the feature list before we leave the chapter. So far we have dealt with features 2, 3, 7 and 9. Not that much, but clear progress. And the progress is secured with quite a lot of tests. Good.

We'll continue the work with refining the Domain Model in Chapter 7. The focus will shift a bit in the next chapter. As you might have noticed, we sniffed on infrastructure related discussions several times in this chapter, so let's take on those problems next by preparing for adding infrastructure.

Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns(c) With Examples in C# and  .NET
Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns: With Examples in C# and .NET
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