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marshalling, 358-359
set of proposed, 358
factory implementation
for creating user interface, 199-200
HTTP server class files needed for, 201
what files are needed where, 201
factory objects
user interfaces from, 356-357
fiddler service
implementation of, 422
file classifier
with events, 244-249
implementation of, 99
making available as network service, 85-87
non RMI-proxy for, 123-124
RMI and non-RMI proxies for, 133-140
RMI proxy for, 115-123
running, 106-107
FileClassifier class
implementation of, 21-22
file classifier client
that creates and examines cache for suitable services, 263-265
for running the backend service, 116-117
FileClassifierImp object
exporting an implementation of a file classifier service as, 10-11
FileClassifier interface
for Jini service and client example, 89-90
modifying to dynamically updata mappings, 244-249
FileClassiferLandlord class
code for, 231-233
FileClassifierLeasedResource class
code for, 228-229
FileClassifierLeaseManager class
code for, 229-231
file classifier problem
class diagram for, 110
code for. 124-126
FileClassifierProxy class
code for, 133-134
FileClassifier return dialog box, 363
file classifier server
code for using an activable service, 399-402
FileClassifierServer, 117-120
adding additional requirements 415-420
implementation of, 99-104
file-classifer service
uploading to client, 98-107
what classes need to be where, 139-140
FileClassifier service
code for finding, 9
file classifier UI example, 363-372
FileClassifier user interface, 363
file command utility (Unix)
for determining file type, 83-85
file editors
as services, 43-45
thread creation for, 126-128
file type
methods for determining, 83-85
FrameFactory, 358
exporting, 387-388
FrameFactory object
exporting, 380-381

A Programmer[ap]s Guide to Jini Technology
A Programmer[ap]s Guide to Jini Technology
ISBN: 1893115801
Year: 2000
Pages: 189

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