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  1. To log in to IDS MC, you must log in to CiscoWorks at The default username and password for CiscoWorks is admin , admin .

  2. IDS MC recommends Netscape 4.79 or Internet Explorer 5.5 with SP2 or higher as client browsers.

  3. During installation, you must enter a new Sybase SQL database password. There is no default.

  4. IDS MC processes:

    • IDS_Analyzer Defines event rules and requests user -specified notifications when appropriate.

    • IDS_Backup Performs a backup and restore of the database used by the IDS MC.

    • IDS_DbAdminAnalyzer Periodically applies active database rules to the current state of the server.

    • IDS_DeployDaemon Manages all configuration deployments.

    • IDS_Notifier Retrieves notification requests from other subsystems and performs the requested notification.

    • IDS_Receiver Receives Cisco IDS alarms and syslog security events and stores them in the database.

    • IDS_ReportScheduler Generates all scheduled reports .

  5. You use the Discover Settings check box on the Add Sensor screen for IDS MC to retrieve the sensor setting information. Make sure that you enter the correct sensor IP address, username, and password into IDS MC.

  6. PuTTY Configuration A client utility used for Telnet or SSH host connections to an IDS sensor. You can use it to test new keys created with PuTTYgen.

  7. PuTTYgen A utility used to generate public and private keys for RSA connections.

  8. IDS MC directories:

    • \MDS IDS MC home directory.

    • \MDS\Apache Apache Web server.

    • \MDS\Sybase Sybase SQL database. Information is stored on IDS appliances and IDSMs in the Sybase SQL database.

    • \MDS\Tomcat Tomcat Server is the application server that dispatches servlets to the IDS MC from Common Services.

    • \MDS\etc\ids Where the IDS MC is stored.

    • \MDS\etc\ids\updates Where IDS updates signatures are stored for the IDS MC to update sensors or the IDS MC server itself.

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