Obtaining bash

11.1 Obtaining bash

If you have a direct connection to the Internet, you should have no trouble obtaining bash ; otherwise , you'll have to do a little more work.

bash is available from a number of anonymous FTP sites. The following list (giving host name, IP address, and directory name ) is a good starting point:







plaza .aarnet.edu.au









prep.ai.mit.edu is the official GNU site and will always have the most up-to-date copy of bash . The other sites listed mirror the official site, so barring any major changes, they should also have the most recent version. To reduce load on the GNU site, it's best to get bash from one of the other sources.

If you've never used anonymous ftp we'll provide a quick example. The following sample session shows what you type in boldface and comments in italics:

 $  ftp unix.hensa.ac.uk  
 Connected to sesame.hensa.ac.uk. 
 220 sesame FTP server (Version wu-2.4(20) Fri Jul 28 15:46 GMT 1995) ready. 
 Name (unix.hensa.ac.uk:cam):  anonymous  
 331 Guest login ok, send your complete e-mail address as password. 
 Password:  alice@wonderland.oreilly.com   (use your login name and host here)  
 230- ********************************************************************* 
 230- Welcome to HENSA 
 230- the Higher Education National Software Archive 
 230- at the University of Kent at Canterbury 
 230- funded by JISC 
 230- HENSA Unix maintains copies of electronic archives from all 
 230- over the world. Over 40 archives are currently available, 
 230- providing access to a wide range of material, including 
 230- software, documentation, bibliographic and multimedia collections. 
 230- To access the mirrors, change directory to mirrors. 
 230-Please read the file README 
 230- it was last modified on Mon Apr 7 14:25:03 1997 - 121 days ago 
 230 Guest login ok, access restrictions apply. 
 Remote system type is UNIX. 
 Using binary mode to transfer files. 
  ftp>  cd /mirrors/gnu   
  250-Please read the file README  
  250- it was last modified on Mon Jul 8 23:00:00 1996 - 393 days ago  
  250-Please read the file README-about-.diff-files  
  250- it was last modified on Thu Mar 20 14:08:00 1997 - 139 days ago  
  250-Please read the file README-about-.gz-files  
  250- it was last modified on Tue Jul 9 16:18:00 1996 - 392 days ago  
  250 CWD command successful.  
  ftp>  binary   (you must specify binary transfer for compressed files)   
  200 Type set to I.  
  ftp>  get bash-2.01.tar.gz   
  local: bash-2.01.tar.gz remote: bash-2.01.tar.gz  
  200 PORT command successful.  
  150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for bash-2.01.tar.gz (1342563 bytes).  
  226 Transfer complete.  
  1342563 bytes received in 556 secs (2.4 Kbytes/sec)  
  .  (repeat this step for each file that you want)   
  ftp>  quit   
  221 Goodbye.  

You can also retrieve the files by FTPMAIL , BITFTP , and UUCP . To find out how to use these methods , please refer to Appendix E .

Failing these methods, you can always get bash on tape or CD-ROM by ordering it directly from the Free Software Foundation:

The Free Software Foundation (FSF)

675 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge MA, 02139

email: gnu@prep.ai.mit.edu

phone: (617) 876-3296


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