2Gsecond generation

3Gthird generation

ADCanalog-to-digital converter

AWGNadditive white Gaussian noise

BERbit error rate

BPSKbinary-phase shift keying

BSbase station

CAGRcompound annual growth rate

CDMAcode division multiple access

CEconsumer electronics

CEAConsumer Electronics Association

CMFclassical matched filter

CMOScomplementary metal-oxide semiconductor

CPEcustomer-premises equipment

CSMA/CAcarrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance

CWcontinuous waveform


dBmdecibel in milliwatts

DH-TRdelay-hopped transmitted reference

DSRDdrift step recovery diode

DSSSdirect sequence spread spectrum

DTVdigital TV

DS-UWBdirect sequence ultra-wideband

DVDdigital video disc

DVIdigital visual interface

DVRdigital video recorder

EIRPequivalent (or effective) isotropic radiated power

ERCEuropean Resuscitation Council

ETSIEuropean Telecommunications Standards Institute

FCCFederal Communications Commission

FDMAfrequency division multiple access

FDTDfinite difference time domain

FFTFast Fourier Transform

FHSSfrequency-hopping spread spectrum


GPRground-penetrating radar

GPRICGround Penetrating Radar Industry Coalition

GPSglobal positioning system

GSMglobal system for mobile communications

IDAInfocomm Development Authority

IDFIntel Developer Forum

IFintermediate frequency

IS-95Interim Standard 95

ISMindustrial, scientific, and medical


LASSlight-activated silicon switching

LCDliquid crystal display

LOSline of sight

LPI/Dlow probability of interception and detection

MACmedium access control

MAImultiple-access interference

MBOAMultiband OFDM Alliance

MB-OFDMmultiband orthogonal frequency division multiplexing

Mbpsmegabits per second


MO&Omemorandum opinion and order

MPHPTMinistry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications

MSmobile station

NBInarrowband interference

NLOSnon-line of sight

NOInotice of inquiry

NPRMnotice of proposed rulemaking

OEMoriginal equipment manufacturer

OFDMorthogonal frequency-division multiplexing

OOKon-off keying

PApower amplifier

PAMpulse-amplitude modulation

PCpersonal computer

PGprocessing gain

PHYphysical layer

PNpseudorandom noise

PPMpulse-position modulation

PSDpower spectral density

PSTNpublic switched telephone network

PULSERSpervasive ultra-wideband low spectral energy radar systems

PVRpersonal video recorder

RARadiocommunications Agency

RADARradio detection and ranging

RFradio frequency

SINRsignal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio

SIRsignal-to-interference ratio

SNRsignal-to-noise ratio

SRDstep recovery diode

TDtunnel diode

TDMAtime division multiple access

TH-PPMtime hopping with pulse-position modulation

TM-UWBtime-modulated ultra-wideband

TRtransmitted reference

UCANultra-wideband concepts for ad-hoc networks

UHFultra-high frequency

ULTRAWAVESultra wideband audio video entertainment systems

U-NIIunlicensed national information infrastructure


UWB-MAultra-wideband multiple access

WLANwireless local area network

WLLwireless local loop

WPANwireless personal area network

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