Appendix A. Theoretical Derivations of UWB Interference Effects on Existing Radio Systems

This appendix is dedicated to the derivation of formulas we used in Chapter 4 to theoretically analyze the effect of UWB systems on victim receivers such as WLAN 802.11a/b systems, GPS receivers, and CDMA-based cellular systems.[1] Understanding the results of the analysis described in Chapter 4 does not require knowledge of the derivation of each equation presented. However, as a reference for readers who are interested in using the same analytical models to calculate UWB interference on other radio systems, here we cover the theoretical derivation of each equation used in Chapter 4.

[1] Section A.1 is courtesy of Swisscom Innovations. Portions reprinted with permission. Sections A.2 and A.3 are courtesy of Radiocommunications Agency and OFCOM. Portions reprinted with permission.

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