Learning More about SELinux

To dig deeper into SELinux, there are a variety of technical reports, FAQs, and component documents available. Here are a few places you can try:

  • FC3 SELinux FAQ (fedora.redhat.com/docs/selinux-faq-fc3) — Provides information specific to the SELinux implementation in Fedora Core 3.

  • Getting Started with SE Linux HOWTO (www.lurking-grue.org/GettingStartedWithNewSELinuxHOWTO.pdf) — Provides helpful hints for getting started with SELinux.

  • SELinux Documentation (www.nsa.gov/selinux/info/docs.cfm) — This site provides links to published papers, technical reports and presentations related to SELinux.

Red Hat Fedora Linux 3 Bible
Red Hat Fedora Linux 3 Bible
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