Connecting to the Internet opens a whole world of possibilities for your Fedora computer. Using Fedora as a public Web server, mail server, or FTP server depends on Fedora's capability to connect to the Internet. Likewise, if your computers are already connected in a LAN, adding an Internet connection can provide Internet access to everyone on the LAN in one stroke.

Descriptions of how Internet domains are organized built on the coverage of IP addresses in the previous chapter. Creating dial-up connections to the Internet focused on descriptions of PPP. This chapter also discusses several different techniques for connecting your LAN to the Internet. You can set up your Fedora computer as a router or as a Squid proxy server.

To use your Internet connection to transport sensitive data to another location in your company's private network, you can configure a VPN. This chapter describes how to use IPsec in Fedora to create a VPN connection between two locations.

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