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wireless communications and mobile commerce
Wireless Communications and Mobile Commerce
by Nansi Shi (ed) ISBN:1591402123
Idea Group Publishing 2004 (350 pages)

Addressing the special issues associated with the emergent technology of mobile commerce, this book collects the writings of 46 m-commerce or wireless communications experts from academia and industry.

Table of Contents
Wireless Communications and Mobile Commerce
Section I - Global Mobile Commerce—Unique Characteristics, Opportunities, Challenges and Limitations
Chapter 1 - Global Heterogeneity in the Emerging M-Commerce Landscape
Chapter 2 - Assessing the Market Potential of Network-Enabled 3G M-Business Services
Chapter 3 - Mobile E-Commerce and the Wireless Worldwide Web: Strategic Perspectives on the Internet's Emerging Model
Chapter 4 - Opportunities and Limitations in M-Commerce
Section II - Mobile Business Network and Consumers
Chapter 5 - Understanding Emergent M-Commerce Services by using Business Network Analysis: The Case of Finland
Chapter 6 - Understanding the Mobile Consumer
Chapter 7 - Intelligent Product Brokering and User Preference Tracking
Section III - Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Infrastructure Considerations
Chapter 8 - Directions in Wireless Telecommunications: Analytical and Operational Pathfinders
Chapter 9 - Wireless Middleware
Chapter 10 - Usability Issues and Limitations of Mobile Devices
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Wireless Communications and Mobile Commerce
Wireless Communications and Mobile Commerce
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