The Jxta platform Personal Java port came out very recently and the application was designed and implemented with it in mind. If the basic platform functionalities have been ported correctly, then it should not take long to port this whole application to the PDA. The application conforms to the Personal Java standard when checked with the compliance tool. This implies it should work on the PDA without requiring any changes.

Currently the MMS client by itself works on the PDA. An MMS player and sharing of content were developed. The former was implemented while searching for a reasonably priced Bluetooth SDK for WinCE and trying various Bluetooth PCMCIA cards with the freely available Bluetooth stack called CStack (

The project will have a commercial value when shopping malls in Singapore install wireless networks or have wireless kiosks . This is the main driving force behind this project. Another driving force was to be able to pave a path to introduce multimedia messaging to students in Nanyang Technological University.

In conclusion, with the increase in memory and processing power of a plethora of mobile devices found in the market and the ongoing improvements in available bandwidth to the user , MMS is a service to look forward to and more so with peer-to-peer technologies like Jxta, which will make it truly ubiquitous.

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