In this chapter, we have described the use of Java 2 Micro Edition for developing wireless applications and have given an implementation of a complete model of a customer support system integrating the wireless element to the scenario. Various technologies in developing wireless applications and enterprise applications have been utilized in developing the system.

We have chosen Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) as the application platform to implement a complete customer support system model consisting of wireless modules, back-end modules, and Web site modules. J2ME is an obvious choice because it is portable and designed to run on consumer devices.

We have also implemented a local database on J2ME to store frequently accessed information so as to speed up interaction and save network bandwidth. An important consideration here is not to make major changes to the database schema as the database in the company may already be in existence and is most likely used for more than one application. We have also used XML for the data exchange and data display format as XML makes the data portable among different applications and provides a rich structure for easy browsing and reading documents.

We have also extended the framework to m-commerce transactions by providing additional security measures. In J2ME, crypto-APIs such as the RSA algorithm are already available. This will greatly reduce the time for developing secure m-commerce applications. Issues such as computing power, time delays, and power consumption are also important considerations in developing a comprehensive wireless enterprise application.

Mobile Commerce Applications
Mobile Commerce Applications
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