S4 Consulting Acknowledgments

This book is the product of years of collaboration.

First, Joe and I would especially like to acknowledge Dan Shaffer, our partner and friend at S4 Consulting for 20 years. His wisdom and systematic problem solving have provided inestimable value to us, our company, and our clients.

Second, we would like to thank some of our colleagues, particularly Doug Bosse, Dave Jones, Steve Vucelich, Len Shaffer, Jose Acevedo, and Nicholas Wolfson, who have contributed significantly to our conceptual and methodological development. We would also like to acknowledge Jim Guilkey, Sally Trethewey, Rosa Yeh, Maribeth Quinn, Wes Mayer, Karin Huey, Urko Wood, Suzanne Lowe, Sharon Bierman, Mike Sternad, Sarah Volker, Barbara Gossman, and Erin Hinkle, who have provided valuable support. Together we have learned to make a difference.

Third, we thank our business partners, those from whom we gained new ways to look at business, service quality, and meeting client needs: Valarie Zeithaml, Bob Wayland, Bob Archibald, Kaj Storbacka, CRM Finland, and Lisa Napolitano, Director of The Strategic Account Management Association. Each helped guide our thinking in managing relationship assets.

Finally we thank those at Miller Heiman with whom we have worked so closely: Sam Reese, Jason Buma, Jenna Poinier, Harry Magure, Ryan Olsen, and Erin Anderson. Without their efforts and feedback, this would have been a very different book.

The Seven Keys to Managing Strategic Accounts
The Seven Keys to Managing Strategic Accounts
ISBN: 0071417524
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 112

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