14.5 Sharing Printers

14.5 Sharing Printers

You can export all of your printers to Windows clients with a special [printers] section in your smb.conf file. Here's how the section looks when you're using CUPS:

 [printers]   comment = Printers   browseable = yes   printing = CUPS   path = cups   printable = yes   writable = no 

To use the printing = CUPS parameter, your Samba installation must be configured and linked against the CUPS library.

As you learned in Chapter 12, there are several other printing systems in addition to CUPS. On Linux, you can set the printing parameter to BSD , LPRNG , PLP , or CUPS . Of these, CUPS is the easiest .


Depending on your configuration, you may also want to allow guest access to your printers with the guest ok = yes option because you may not want to give a Samba password or account to everyone who needs to access the printers.

14.5.1 Sharing a Single Printer

If you want to export a single printer, you can do so with a printer section that looks like this:

 [  printer_name  ]   comment = My printer   printer name =  printer_name  printing = CUPS   path = cups   browseable = yes   printable = yes 

You can specify a driver name for Windows clients with the printer driver parameter. For example, to tell a client that the printer is an HP LaserJet 4M, you can use the following in the printer section:

 printer driver = HP LaserJet 4M 

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