Chapter 8. Additional Samples and Controls


  • Using the Microsoft Internet Explorer WebControls

  • Using the ASP.NET Starter Kits

To make it easier for developers to build real-world Web sites, Microsoft offers several controls and sample applications that are not included with the .NET Framework SDK. These additional controls and sample applications are the focus of this chapter.

The first half of this chapter looks at the controls developed by the Internet Explorer team at Microsoft. These controls are known collectively as the Microsoft Internet Explorer WebControls . The Internet Explorer WebControls enable you to create user interface elements such as tree views, tab strips , and toolbars .

In the second half of this chapter, I discuss the ASP.NET Starter Kits. The Starter Kits are complete ASP.NET applications (including source code). They are intended to illustrate best practices for creating applications in the ASP.NET Framework and to act as a starting point for creating new applications. There are five Starter Kits: The Community Starter Kit, the Reports Starter Kit, the Time Tracker Starter Kit, the Commerce Starter Kit, and the Portal Starter Kit.

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