Chapter 15. Creating ASP.NET Applications


  • Overview of ASP.NET Applications

  • Using Application State

  • Using the Web.Config File

  • Using HTTP Handlers and Modules

In this chapter, you learn how to work with ASP.NET applications. First, you learn how to create global variables and objects by storing information in application state. Next, you learn how to use the Global.asax file, a special file that represents the current application so that you can use it to handle applicationwide events.

You also examine how to configure an application with the Web.Config and Machine.Config configuration files. You examine the standard sections of the Web.Config file so that you understand how to add new sections of your own.

Finally, you learn how to create custom HTTP handlers and modules. You can use a custom HTTP handler to perform custom logic when a request is made to a certain page. A custom HTTP module can be used to perform custom logic on each page request. At the end of this chapter, you learn how to create a WhosOn application with a custom HTTP handler and module that display statistics on the current users at your Web site.

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