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John Q. Walker is president of Zenph Studios, Inc., creating software for high-definition audio. Before co-founding Zenph Studios, Walker was the director of Network Development at NetIQ Corporation. He was one of the four co-founders of Ganymede Software, Inc., which was acquired by NetIQ in 2000. In his 5 years as vice president of product development, Ganymede products consistently won "Best Product" and "Product of the Year" awards. For example, only two companies won Network World magazine's "World Class Award" twice in 1999: Dell Computer and Ganymede Software.

Dr. Walker has co-authored a book on portable network programming, as well as authoring dozens of technical articles, and is frequently an invited speaker on practical networking and software engineering topics. He was influential in the creation of both the IEEE 802 local-area network (LAN) and the 802.11 wireless LAN ("Wi-Fi") standards. Walker has extensive experience in the development and management of emerging technologies in engineering development organizations. At IBM, he managed teams developing high-speed networking software. Dr. Walker completed his Ph.D. in software engineering at the University of North Carolina. He holds four patents. His e-mail address is johnq@zenph.com.

Jeffrey T. Hicks is a principal software engineer/architect at NetIQ Corporation. He has recently led the development teams for the award-winning Chariot and Vivinet Assessor products. He has been active in the design and development of VoIP deployment, testing, and management solutions for the past five years. In earlier jobs, he helped develop innovative network communications software products at IBM. Mr. Hicks holds a master of engineering degree from North Carolina State University and a bachelor of science degree in computer engineering from Auburn University. His e-mail address is jeff.hicks@netiq.com.


Taking Charge of Your VoIP Project
Taking Charge of Your VoIP Project
ISBN: 1587200929
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 90

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