AntiSpam Utilities

Industry analyst Gartner Inc. claims that up to 50% of the average business mailbox is spam! It is quickly becoming a potential legal liability and a major productivity drain for corporate IT departments and end users. To help combat the onslaught of unwanted inbound email, lost productivity, consumption of communication bandwidth, and drain of technical support, many companies have created add-in and standalone software to prevent the delivery of spam to end user mailboxes.

iHateSpam Server Edition

iHateSpam, by Sunbelt Software (, is a Microsoft Exchange add-in; it requires Exchange Server. iHateSpam operates on and integrates with the server using the Exchange user directory for the iHateSpam directory. The management interface will be familiar to administrators, minimizing the learning curve. iHateSpam version 1.7 utilizes two spam filter engines, allowing administrators to choose the Sunbelt Software antispam Engine only or the Cloudmark Antispam Engine only. For maximum effectiveness, both engines can and should be used.

Lyris MailShield

Lyris MailShield Server ( is a server-based email filtering program for medium- and large-sized businesses. MailShield Server can be used to block spam, prohibit mail relaying, and prevent mail bomb attacks. The server-based application also includes a searchable incoming and outgoing email audit trail, which helps organizations deal with legal issues and compliance issues associated with inappropriate and unacceptable email messages.

Spam Arrest's enterprise solution is an easy and cost-effective way for organizations to protect against unwanted spam. Using Spam Arrest protection services, all incoming email messages sent to an organization's domain are first routed to Spam Arrest's datacenter servers. Messages sent to protected accounts are processed at Spam Arrest and only messages from verified senders are forwarded to your SMTP server. Otherwise, nonprotected email is immediately forwarded to the organization's SMTP server. This solution is good for organizations looking to minimize in-house hardware needs.

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