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Before you start your first Hello session, you may want to set preferences in the Options dialog box. The most important settings are explained below.

Options dialog box6

Automatic Saving. Depending on the number of megapixels your friends' cameras have and whether their images are raw, compressed, or resized, digital photos can sometimes be immense. If you have a dial-up connection, you may want to remove the check mark from Full resolution (broadband recommended). Doing so causes all pictures to be sent to you in a reduced size, suite mainly for onscreen viewing. If you receive photos you want to print, you can request that full-resolution versions of them by sent to you by following the instructions on page 133.

Location. To specify a different folder in which to save incoming photos, click the Change button.

Choose Pictures to Send. You can select pictures to send in Picasa, Windows (Use Open Dialog), or both. Set the preferred method of selecting a picture source. If you click Let me choose each time, a dialog box will appear each time you initiate a send.

    team bbl

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