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Because they're generally used together, you'll normally want to launch both Hello and Picasa at the start of each session. You can launch them individually or perform an action in one that causes the other to launch. For example, selecting files in Picasa and clicking the Hello button results in Hello launching.

Launch Picasa and Hello. Depending on the options selected when you installed Hello and settings you've chosen in its Options dialog box, you can launch Hello in the following ways:

  • Choose Hello from the Start > Programs menu.

  • If Hello is set to automatically run when Windows starts, right-click its System Tray icon and choose Show.

  • If you installed a Desktop shortcut or a Quick Launch icon (found at the left end of the taskbar) for Hello, click the icon.

  • From within Picasa, select one or more images you want to transmit, and then choose File > Send to Hello or click the Hello button.

Otherwise, enter your Hello password (if it isn't already filled in) and click the Sign-In button. Hello's window appears (see page 127).

    team bbl

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