In Class Exercise - Population Study

You are a graduate student at Florida Atlantic University in the Business College's Information Technology Department. You have been asked by your advisor to write a C++ program for a faculty member in the Biology Department who is doing a study on population growth. You go to the Biology Department and they provide you with information about the program desired.


The Biology faculty member who requested this program has provided you with the following specifications:

  • The program will be dependent on

    • the starting population: P

    • the birth rate B and

    • the death rate D:

  • The estimated population of a country after a year is the formula:

    • P + (P *B)/100 - (P*D)/100

  • The population growth rate is the formula: B - D

  • The program must have a modular design based upon the two functions:

    • growthRate( ) with arguments of birth rate and death rate

    • estimatedPopulaton( ) with arguments of population and growth rate.

  • The input is to be:

    • starting population

    • birth rate

    • death rate

    • number of years for the study

  • The output is to be:

    • a restatement of the input

    • a statement of the expected population after the number of years of the study

  • The program must be robust with the requirement that

    • both the birth rate and the death rate must be non-negative

    • the value of population must be greater than 2.

 Note:  Create a sample input and output screen to match the statements above.

Sample Data: Using the formulas above, enter in the Projected Population sample data into the table below:

image from book

Open table as spreadsheet

Starting Population

Birth Rate

Death Rate

Years of Study

Projected Population
















image from book

 Note:  Using the sample data and the formulas above, enter the Projected Population for these values.

Design Phase:

 Note:  Try to create a structure chart and the pseudo code for this program. After you have done this, link to the following pages to see samples of these two design documents:

  • sc_population

  • pc_population

Coding Phase:

 Note:  Now that you have samples of the Specification Document, the Structure Chart and the Pseudo Code, try to write the C++ program using these tools. Try to follow the approach to programming discussed in the previous section.

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