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In this chapter you should have learned how to proceed in setting up a new directory server implementation. We did not discuss installation and configuration questions, but we did discuss the actions that precede these steps. This chapter, obviously, is far from complete because there is only so much space in this book. However, as promised at the beginning of this chapter, I will now show you where to research and find more details about directory server design.

First, I would recommend that you look at the Internet Web sites of the major players in the directory server arena. Two of them are Sun Microsystems and Novell. Sun delivers excellent documentation with its SUN ONE directory server. Following are a few publications of the SUN ONE server:

  • "Getting Started Guide"

  • "Deployment Guide"

  • "Installation and Tuning Guide"

  • "Administration Guide"

You can find these publications by going to, clicking on documentation, software products, SUN ONE. You can download these publications at no cost. Even if you do not use the SUN ONE server, you will learn much from them.

At the Novell site (, the product page (eDirectory) offers a number of good white papers.

Another link I would recommend that you look at is: Here you will get a number of useful and updated links to interesting resources.

The book Understanding and Deploying Directory Services is dedicated nearly entirely to the design of directory services and contains a number of case studies. (Tim Howes, Mark Smith, and Gordon Good, Understanding and Deploying Directory Services, Macmillan Network Architecture and Development Series).

RFCs are also a very good source of information. They are, however, not easy to read for newcomers. The RFCs worth mentioning are:

  • RFC1562: Naming Guidelines for the AARNet X.500 Directory Service

  • RFC1617: Naming and Structuring Guidelines for X.500 Directory Pilots

  • RFC1943: Building an X.500 Directory Service in the U.S.

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