assign scripts to buttons

To finish up with the scripts, we need to assign many of them to buttonsreplacing the previously assigned Do Nothing step with a Perform Script step. In addition, we will make Opening Script into an official opening script, ensuring that it automatically runs each time you open the database.

Assign scripts to buttons. In Layout mode, select a button, choose Format > Button Setup, select the Perform Script step, click the Specify button, and select the script shown in the table below. Repeat for each button.

Button Label

Layout Location

Script Name


Main (Header)

Sort Main


Main (Header)

Display Record List


Main (Header)

Go to Tab

< Prev

Main (Footer)

Prev Record

Next >

Main (Footer)

Next Record

New Transaction

Main (Savings/Money Market tab)

Add Savings Record


Main (Stock/Mutual Fund tab)

Record Stock Dividend

Record Interest

Main (CD tab)

Record CD Interest


Account List (Body)

View Record

Note: An opening script can be named whatever you like. I named it Opening Script so it could be easily found in the script lists.

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