Chapter19.Loading Visual Content

Chapter 19. Loading Visual Content


  • Why Load External Content?

  • What Content Can Be Loaded and Where?

  • Loading Images Dynamically

  • Loading SWF Files into Flash

  • Loading External Content into Text Fields

  • Preloaders

Thus far in the book, we have only dealt with things right on the stage. This chapter goes outside the realm of the stage and shows you how to load external files in at runtime. Not to be confused with importing, which takes place during authoring, loading external files at runtime has many advantages, which will be covered.

Also covered in this chapter is the delicate art of creating preloaders for content, a "must-have" for any heavy Flash content. Preloaders are what developers use to keep the user occupied while large amounts of content load in the background. They can also be used to show the progress of content being loaded, as you will see later in this chapter.

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