Appendix C: Undocumented Cisco Commands

This long list of undocumented Cisco commands has been gathered by hundreds of people using a variety of Cisco devices. Many of these commands have been taken from Lars Fenneberg's web site at http://www. elemental .net/~lf/undoc/ . If you know of other undocumented commands, please share them with other people by submitting the command and description to Lars at .

Depending on what version of IOS or CatOS you are using, some of these commands may already be documented, not used anymore, or not supported by that version of the system. Use these commands at your own risk.


  aaa accounting delay-start  

Platform: IOS 12.1
Where: Global
Info : Configuration command delays creation of the PPP Network start record until the peer IP address is known.

  aaa authorization address-authorization-exec  

Platform: IOS 12.1
Where: Global
Info: Configuration command forces address authorization for PPP when started from an exec.

  aaa nas port description text  

Platform: IOS 12.1
Where: Global
Info: Configuration command causes the specified text to appear in TACACS+ accounting records with the attribute nas description and the value of the text specified in the command. This command is useful during debugging to allow you to specify information about the environment or configuration in which the accounting record was generated.

  access-list number remark comment      ip access-list extended name remark comment  

Platform: IOS 12.1
Where: Configuration
Info: Adds comments about the access list. This keyword is documented under Bug ID CSCdk14543.

  atm allow-max-vci  

Platform: Cisco 7000 series
Where: Interface command
Info: Allows the Cisco 7000 to use Virtual Connection Identifiers (VCIs) above 1023.

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