3.4. Replying to (and Commenting on) a Ticket

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RT records two main types of transactions: attribute changes and correspondence. Correspondence and comments are what adds content to a ticket and covers all the replies and user feedback that RT collects. While you can change many different types of attributes, most of the interesting content in your RT installation will come from correspondence. Comments are generally intended as private or internal correspondence about a ticket. RT is very flexible and the exact mechanics will depend on how your administrator has configured RT, but usually correspondence is visible to end-users and comments are not.

You reply to a ticket by clicking the Reply link at the top right of the ticket display page or beside an individual item in the ticket's history. Figure 3-5 shows the form for responding to tickets. The same form creates either replies or comments, depending on what you select for Update Type. From this form, it's simple to reply to an end user, mark down how much time you spent composing your response, and close the ticket.

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